Today's Purpose Woman Is The Official Media Sponsor For "A Purpose Driven Woman" Conference

MURRELLS INLET, September 24, 2018- Promoting Purpose Media's (promoting Today’s Purpose Woman is the official media sponsor for “A Purpose Driven Woman” conference. The conference will be at the Sanctuary Music & Aesthetics ( 1400 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605) on Saturday, November 3, 2018, from 10:00 am-2:00 pm CDT bringing top-notch speakers that will share how they're making an impact in their respective spheres in business and in life. The theme for this conference is "Moving Beyond Fear to Faith!"

“This conference will help women pivot in career, entrepreneurship and for some in everyday life!” says the host Felicia Shakespeare.

Today’s Purpose Woman will cover the event online at featuring the host and a few of the speakers.

The speakers for the conference are:

Keynote Speaker:

Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times Best-selling Author & Speaker

Power Panel Speakers:

Kesia King- Chop Chop Mobile; Katherine Darnstadt- Latent Design & BoomBox Chicago; Shuntella Richardson- Global Woman Club Chicago; Tasha White- Cycmode

Power Network Leaders:

Lesley Etherly, Contexture Media Network; Kathleen Quinn, CFOQuinn; Deborah Gray-Young, Executive Coach; Kayte Malik, Dresscode Tech

To register for the conference visit:


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